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Anatomical Canine Dog Skull Model, for Veterinary Teaching/studying, Research, Life Size 100% brand new and high quality
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The small dog skeleton model is a detailed model of the skeletal structure of a small dog. It comes mounted on a base.
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Cats have seven cervical vertebrae like almost all mammals, thirteen thoracic vertebrae, seven lumbar vertebrae, three sacral vertebrae and except for manx cats and other shorter tailed cats, twenty-two or twenty-three caudal vertebrae.
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This dog skeleton comes flexibly mounted on a wooden base for easy display in the classroom. The flexible mounting makes demonstration of natural canine movements possible. Every bone of Canis domesticus is included in this complete real dog skeleton.
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Osteological Veterinary Models, Canine (Dog) KneeThis model is an average size canine knee that includeds: femur, fibula, patella and tibia bones; lateral and medical meniscus; anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments; plus six more ligaments and tendons.
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