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Disposable Blue Isolation Knit Cuff Gowns 25GR 10/Bag Features: Disposable, single  use protective gown Knit cuffs with tie back Premium SMS (25gm) material Soft, breathable and fluid resistant Latex free
Gowns - Dental Medical Latex Free Disposable Isolation Gowns Knit Cuff Non Woven | Fluid Resistant (30 Gowns/5 Packs, Blue)
Water-resistant sms gowns are constructed from Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond (SMS) is one such material made of Polypropylene, which has great water repelling capabilities and makes it ideal for many applications due to its various features. Individually inspected for sizing, stitching and workmanship.
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Isolation Gown with Elastic Cuff - Blue, one size fits all. Package of 10 gowns.
Britedent Blue Insolation Gowns, 120 x 140, One Size With Elastic Cuff, 10/Pk. NO LABEL ON BAG.
Safe-Dent Non-Woven Isolation Gown Blue with Elastic Cuffs, Two Ties 10/Pk. Non-surgical, procedural gown with waist and neck ties. Intended to protect health care patients and personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, particulate material. Single use and disposable. Non sterile, latex free. Material composition - spun bonded polypropylene, latex free, 25 grams. NO LABEL ON BAG
Intco Isolation Gowns Disposable AAMI Level 2 Blue with Elastic Cuff one size fits all Package of 10 gowns.
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