Veneer Handling Istrument

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  • The VHI increases your ability to clearly see while verifying fit and color which substantially reduces the difficulties and time required to try-on and permanently bond veneers. 
  • The VHI has positive vacuum locking valve, which releases the vacuum cup’s secure hold on the veneer when desired. 
  • The VHI is a quality instrument operating on a vacuum with a 2-way adapter (included), which is inserted into either a standard saliva aspirator or the high volume central vacuum receptacles in the operatory. 
  • The disposable transparent vacuum cup will allow visible light used to polymerize the veneer bonding adhesives to pass through, therefore reducing bonding time. 
  • The instrument is also advantageous when verify marginal accuracy, shade, color, and bonding. 
  • The VENEER HANDLING INSTRUMENT is made of autoclavable stainless steel and is lightweight for precise control. 
  • The set includes: one VHI instrument, 50 disposable transparent cups, a 4-ft length of flexible vacuum tubing, a 2-way adapter, an assembly sleeve, and a step-by-step instruction and maintenance brochure. 
  • The VHI comes with a one-year warranty. 
  • The disposable transparent cups, vacuum tubing and 2-way adapter are available for re-ordering.


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