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Flawless Impressions. On The First Take.

With Take 1 Hydro, you’ll get the best of both worlds: The flexibility of a high-performance VPS material with the polyether-like hydrophilic characteristics that produce finely detailed impressions, even in the most challenging intraoral situations. Featuring one of the industry’s lowest contact angle on uncured material, Take 1 Hydro gets deep into the sulcus to displace fluids that distort impressions. Leaving you with an accurate, detailed impression on the very first take.

  • Flows Deeper Into the Sulcus. One of the industry’s lowest contact angle (≤10˚) on uncured material, the material displaces fluids and captures more marginal detail.
  • Supports Better-Fitting Crowns. The advanced, surfactant formula breaks down moisture barriers between the preparation area and impression material to minimize voids and bubbles.
  • High Dimensional Stability. Take 1 Hydro maintains its dimensional stability better than other leading VPS impression materials. So the crown you receive matches the accurate impression you took.
  • Tear Strength. Highly elastic, durable, and stable, Take 1 Hydro easily stretches around undercuts without distorting or tearing during mouth-tray removal.

Every intraoral situation is different. Take 1 Hydro accommodates varied needs with a selection of fast (4:00) and regular (5:00) set times, multiple tear-resistant viscosities, consistent flow properties, and delivery systems.

Contains: 4 Cartridges (50ml)


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Safety Data Sheet in English (Take-1-Hydro_SDS_Bite-Registration_DC-SDS-000440_EN-US.pdf, 68 Kb) [Download]


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