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Since 1972, Replacement Parts Industries, Inc. has provided BMET’s, clinical engineers, facilities personnel and independent service technicians with an alternate source for obtaining quality replacement parts for new and obsolete medical equipment, hospital equipment, dental equipment, and laboratory equipment.

We opened our doors in response to a growing need in the healthcare industry for a source other than the original manufacturer (OEM) to obtain quality replacement parts. But it is the wide selection of parts, excellent customer service, fair prices and loyal customers that have made RPI the success it is today.

RPI is in the parts business and only the parts business. We focus on one thing, and only one thing ... producing quality parts. We do not make, sell, or service equipment. We are not a broker or a distributor. We design and manufacture or directly source replacement parts for the healthcare industry. Our goal is to help you keep the equipment you service up and running.

Al and Sherry pass the baton to their son, Ira LapidesOur quality-engineered parts are manufactured to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. In fact, we design quality into every part we produce. Our Product Development Team and Quality Control Department work together in every stage of the design, testing and manufacturing process to ensure quality performance from every RPI part.

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3/16" ID hose connector, Size: 1.60" W x 2.70" lg. x .80" thick,  Fits Statim 2000 Models: G4 2000 G45000 2000 5000 with serial #2101DK0274 and above. OEM #01-102119S.

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