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iBrite Nano-Bio Toothpaste is specially formulated to remove stains and whiten teeth without increased sensitivity. The formula includes clinically-proven desensitizing agent Potassium Nitrate to relieve tooth pain. Nano-grade bio-activited ingredients can penetrate deep to gently clean sensitive areas of your teeth and provide lasting sensitivity protection with twice daily brushing. As part of a regular tooth whitening regimen, iBrite Nano-Bio Toothpaste will make a noticeable improvement in the discomfort and sensitivity you experience from tooth whitening, Specially formulated to minimize hypersensitivity, Nano-grade bio-activited ingredients penetrate deep to gently polish away surface stains, Helps to fight tartar, remove plaque, and prevent gingivitis, Provides total oral care after whitening treatment  
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Toothpaste Squeezers, Assorted Colors (144Pcs/Bag)
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