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Medentrx is the premier online resource for quality Professional Thermometers. We carry a wide selection of Professional Thermometers manufactured by leading brands in the industry at a very competitive price. Our goal is to exceed the quality expectations of our customers and deliver cost-effective Professional Thermometers to customers who need them, when they need them safely and expeditiously.

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Care Touch Multi-function Thermometer uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver fast, clinically accurate results within seconds. Our 1-second reading makes it easy to get results from babies, small children, and even during late-night check ups without waking anyone up. Our thermometer comes with a fever alarm and 3-color fever indicator to show you if the reading is in the normal range, nearing a fever, or at fever level. It also has a surface function that can check the temperature of a room, or even a baby bottle. Trust in Care Touch to look after you through the ups and downs of health and home.
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ProSense Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer allows non-contact temperature measurements to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination. Measurements are near-instant, highly accurate, and displayed in both °C and °F on a large backlit LCD with color warnings.
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The Care Touch Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer Gun is easy to use, highly accurate, and provides quick temperature readings. You can easily use the thermometer gun to measure the temperature for foreheads, body, and other objects at the simple press of a button.
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Fast and accurate results: Within seconds, get an accurate result to know whether you or your loved ones has a fever, Flexible tip: The thermometer features a soft and bendable tip to make it easy to use and maneuver, Fever signal and alarm: Our thermometer will sound an alarm to indicate if there is fever, Last reading recall: Memory storage to help you keep track of your temperature and health, Guaranteed reliability: Measures your actual body temperature, giving you the most accurate insights into your health.
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This convenient kit includes ProSense non-contact infrared thermometer and everything needed to keep it clean and free from contamination. Use the included ProGuard Dry Wipes with ProGuard 80% Hand Sanitizer Spray to easily and quickly sanitize the thermometer after use. 
Armor Disposable Infrared Thermometer Sleeves are specifically engineered to fit our digital thermometers. These form-fitting sleeves are designed for use in environments where high frequency readings occur or in situations where antisepsis is essential.
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Care Touch Disposable Universal Probe Covers are a sterile, clean way to protect and reduce the risk of spreading bacteria, germs, and viruses. Each pack contains 100 individually sealed thermometer probe covers to ensure that you are using a sterile and clean thermometer with each reading. Our covers are made with a durable, light plastic that protects your health without disrupting or effecting thermometer readings. Whether you're using the thermometer through oral, rectal, or underarm, you can reduce the risk of spreading sickness with a quick, disposable prove cover from Care Touch.
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Wall Mounted Non Contact Forehead Thermometer. Medical Grade Instant Digital Thermometer for kids, infants, and adults. 
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