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Sheepette Bed Pads feature a unique blend that provides superior comfort and support. Special material blend is dense but soft against the skin and provides air flow for greater comfort.
QUIK-SORB underpads give the user the comfort of cloth . . . with economy of a reusable! Each pad features a Birdseye 100% cotton top sheet as well as a waterproof back. Washable up to 300 times and come complete with instructions for washing and drying
Essential Fracture Bed Pan is designed for individuals with limited or no mobility, the Fracture Bedpan easily supports up to 250lbs and facilitates easy placement and use. This portable Bed Pan utilizes a handle and plastic guard and is easily placed and removed without the concern of accidental spill.
A fluff filler makes each one soft and comfortable to sit or lie down on for long periods of time. They can also be useful for homes with pets. These Covidien Heavy Absorbency Underpads Wings Maxicare are available in a count of 50, allowing for long-term use.
Essential Deluxe Pontoon Style Bed Pan features the molded pontoon-style that designed to used in bed. Bariatric bedpan molded-sided style prevents spills when transporting the hospital bedpan and when in use. Made of a heavy-duty plastic fracture bedpan that will hold up for multiple uses.
Wings Fluff and Polymer underpad with spunbond non-woven topsheet, diamond-embossed and polypropylene backsheet. Extra heavy absorbent polymer and odor controlling agent provide maximum incontinence protection and neutralize odors.
Designed to protect furniture including lift chairs, cars, sofas, etc. from liquids Each washable pad is 20" x 20" Pad is quilted for superior comfort
Soft and quiet unisex vinyl pants from Kareco. Pants have an elastic band at the waist and legs in a latex-free design and are anti-bacterial for odor control. Bleachable, machine wash and dry (material stays soft after washing). Sold 3 Per Pack.
Simplicity Fluff Underpad, spun bond nonwoven top sheet and polypropylene back sheet. Fluff core provides moderate incontinent protection.
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