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Medentrx is the premier online resource for quality Medical Infection Control. We carry a wide selection of Medical Infection Control manufactured by leading brands in the industry at a very competitive price. Our goal is to exceed the quality expectations of our customers and deliver cost-effective Medical Infection Control to customers who need them, when they need them safely and expeditiously.

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Disposable Blue Isolation Knit Cuff Gowns 25GR 10/Bag Features: Disposable, single  use protective gown Knit cuffs with tie back Premium SMS (25gm) material Soft, breathable and fluid resistant Latex free
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Disposable Medical Blue Earloop Face Masks ASTM Leve II, Protective three-layer construction, Soft material with ear loops, ASTM Level II, 50/Box
Our light weight, powder free, nitrile examination gloves provide superior comfort, dexterity and protection. These gloves are fully micro-textured for better grip. They offer enhanced tactile sensitivity and provide biological barrier and offers splash resistance to most chemical compounds. 
Our most popular powder free exam glove provides exceptional comfort and quality at a competitive price point without sacrificing consistent dependability. This glove has a micro-textured grip and a precise fit providing reduced hand fatigue. 
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The newly redesigned DEFENDLOC PRE-FOLDED Sterilization Pouch incorporates a patent-pending technology — making instrument sterilization safer, more effective, quicker, and virtually foolproof for the entire dental staff, Safer sterilization with a complete and uniform seal of the pouch, Quicker and extremely easy to make a perfect seal every time as compared to other competitive pouches, New pre-folded flap closure folds perfectly into place, eliminating time consuming flap adjustment and helping to ensure the best seal possible. This helps eliminate misaligned seals that can compromise sterility, Reinforced plastic pouch and rugged medical-grade paper guard against tears and perforations, Pouches are constructed with dual internal and external indicators that change color when the optimum sterilization temperature has been reached, both in the autoclave chamber and inside the pouch, Available in multiple sizes, this newly improved product is offered at the same low price as the award-winning .
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Stick Wrap Barrier Film, 4"W x 6"L, Roll of 1200 Colors: B-Blue, C-Clear, E-Ebony, G-Green, M-Magenta, O-Orange, P-Puple, and Y-Yellow
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Starmed Rose Nitrile Exam Gloves
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FDA Premarket 510(k) K202824, Manufactured in the USA in a FDA Registered Facility, Made in Missouri, Avid Advantage Mask, ASTM F2100 Level 1 Medical, Standard Size, 3 Layer Facemask, 1 Box of 50 masks ($0.20 each) box product code 37.5.1, You can Purchase by the Case size. Case contains  ten  50 count boxes. Case product code 37.5.4
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Indicator Strips, 1 3/16 x 2 ¾, Steam Sterilization, (600pcs/box)
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Product Details Armor Disposable Arm Sleeves are designed to keep your arms and shirt sleeves clean and protect them from fluids, dust, and cross-contamination. Made from lightweight, yet durable polyethylene, these sleeves can withstand the risk of premature tearing during prolonged wear....
Disposable Protective Coverall Safety Suits provide full coverage protection against both wet and dry hazards. The medical grade latex-free fabric meets ASTM F1671 requirements for barrier protection and offers exceptional breathability, one-way ventilation, and superb particle filtration.
HALYARD Lavender Nitrile Exam Gloves Box
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DEFEND Sterilization Wrap (CSR) is perfect for general purpose sterilization, as it provides a barrier against air, and water-borne bacteria. This CSR wrap conforms easily around various shapes, and sizes of cassettes, allowing excellent penetration of various methods of sterilization. Compatible with steam, ETO and gamma. Petroleum- and memory-free material with a cloth-like feel.
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Autoclave CSR Wraps 12"x 12", Blue (500pcs/case)
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Autoclave Pouches 2" x 9 ", Dual Indicator (200pcs/box)
Armor Disposable Chair Sleeves keep your chairs clean, and its impervious film prevents any dust or fluids from getting through. These sleeves can be easily changed to minimize the risk of cross-contamination in high-use environments.
Dental comfortable, super-soft flexible powder-free Nitrile gloves provide added safety. Designed with a special Nitrile formulation they feel and fit like latex and allow full range of motion and excellent flexibility to minimize stress and fatigue.
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This washable medical gown is made from premium non-woven fabric to provide full-coverage protection and general isolation in medical clinics, laboratories, and operating rooms. The ultra-durable fabric is tear-resistant and allows the gown to be decontaminated by high temperature for reuse.
2.25" x 4" Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouch, Paper/Blue-Green Film with Color Changing Indicator, Box of 200.
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Nylon Sterilization Tubing 3" x 100'
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Nurse Cap 21", Blue (100pcs/bag)
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Keyboard Cover 22"W x 14"L (250pcs/box)
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COVER-IT Barrier Film provides effective and affordable protection against cross-contamination and minimizes the risk of fomite-transmitted infection. This adhesive film is FDA 510(k) approved and meets or exceeds ASTM standards for bacterial and viral penetration resistance, material strength, and biocompatibilit
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Bio Hazard Waste Bag Stick On - Adheres to most work surfaces, 9" x 10", Red (200pcs/box)
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Nylon Sterilization Tubing 4" x 100'
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Starmed Select Nitrile Exam Gloves
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Earloop Mask (50pcs/box) Available in White, Lavendar, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Pink
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Stick Wrap Barrier Film, 6" W x 9"L, Clear Sheets, Roll of 801
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These disposable sleeves offer both staff and customers peace of mind by providing cross-contamination protection and cleanliness in any environment where remotes may be shared between multiple persons. They can be used at home to protect your remotes from dirt, grime, and fluids. Armor barrier...
Armor Disposable iPad / iPad Mini Sleeves have been specifically engineered to protect your tablets from dust, fiuids, and cross-contamination. Made from a hypoallergenic copolymer film, these protective sleeves have been independently tested to meet or exceed ASTM standards for bacterial and viral penetration resistance, material strength, and biocompatibility. 
Armor Disposable Keyboard Sleeves are recommended for use for both personal keyboards to keep out fluids, dust, and grime and also for public keyboards that may be shared between multiple persons to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.
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Small Keyboard Cover 12½"W x 8"L (250pcs/box)
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Clipboards are some of the most shared items at an office or a business. Armor Disposable Clipboard Sleeves provide an easy and affordable way to keep your clipboards clean and protect them from cross-contamination. 
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Surgeon Cap One Size Fits All, Blue (100pcs/bag)
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Small plastic waste receptacle for disposal of contaminated waste at chair side, keeping tray clean, Slotted mounting bracket (included) for easy removal and replacement of Handi-Hopper, To use for infectious waste, order red (Biohazard) liners, To use for other waste, order clear liners, Contains Antimicrobial Protection, Surface Disinfect Only
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PC Mouse Cover (500pcs/box)
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Laptop Cover 15?"W x 24"L (250pcs/box)
Britedent 3.50" x " Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouch, Paper/Blue 500/Box.
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DEFEND Chair Sleeves are made of a clear plastic and are designed to easily fit over most chairs, These disposable chair sleeves are highly durable and easy to use.
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Stick Wrap Barrier Film, 2 ½" W x 6"L, Clear Sheets, Roll of 601
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