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6 Madmen, LLC
Ken Laner and Dan Adams are the founders of Neuro Health. Our Neuropathy Support Formula is the most powerful supplement on the market today. Dan Adams had been suffering from Neuropathy for many years. His foot pain was so severe that he could not sleep at night or even walk without constant pain and numbness. Several times he ended up in the wound care department at the hospital after going to the emergency room. He tried many medications and supplements to ease his pain and discomfort.   He analyzed the ingredients of the supplements that supplied some relief and he thought “I think we can do better.” When Dan came to me with this idea of creating our own supplement, I was excited about the prospect of helping the 30+ Million people that suffer from Neuropathy Pain!   We contacted a Naturopathic Doctor with many years experience of formulating supplements and he agreed to help create a powerful and safe formula. He connected us with an experienced manufacturer in the United States with a FDA... More
ARKS SUPPLIE INC ., is one of the quickest developing dental inventory organizations in North America offering dental specialist gear and medical services items at the most reasonable sticker costs on a wide scope of items. We have north of 5 years of involvement with providing a full line of value dental items and making them accessible straightforwardly to the dental specialist. We offer easy to use web-based requesting with a committed outreach group continually accessible to aid any way. With our  free transportation policy* , and same or 1-multi day conveyance, we ensure  consumer loyalty and 100% satisfaction . We offer seriously estimated dental items from all significant dental makers including 3M, Dentsply, Ivoclar Vivadent, VOCO, Coltene, GC America, Mani, Kulzer, Diadent, Meta Biomed, Shofu and Many More. At  ARKS , we give dental experts top notch dental items at industry cutthroat costs. We are focused on offering proficient assistance, top quality items and brands with the most... More
Assistive Technology Services
ATS was founded in 2008 by Ron Arnold. With a background of over 40 years in the computer and health care industries, it was his own experience caring for his mother, Helen, and her encouragement that inspired him to create Assistive Technology Services. For over a decade, he spent a great deal of time caring for his mother. Her health problems began with intestinal surgery. This resulted in her having an Ileosotomy leaving her with a colostomy bag. During her lengthy stay in the hospital, she developed a level 4 dicubitus ulcer (major bed sore) on her bottom. The surgery and bed sore were shortly followed by a heart attack and then stroke, leaving her with a multitude of secondary conditions. She was morbidly obese; oxygen dependent due to Emphysema, diagnosed with Dementia, and was legally blind. While her health was failing, her will to live independently did not. She refused to leave her home and refused the help of institutionalized care. Being able to care for her needs in a way that was suitable... More
Avid Dental Products
Avid Dental Products strives to continually provide the dental industry with superior ergonomic and innovative products while building strong, mutually profitable relationships with customers. Our team has extensive knowledge of the dental industry and provides high quality products with a strong commitment to customer service. The result is excellent order fulfillment and service for our customers. Established in 2014 and located in Bloomsdale, Missouri, Avid Dental Products began when founder, Chris J. Carron recognized the need for ergonomic dental products and developed the Avid Fit Hygiene Handpiece and the Avid Fit Disposable Prophy Angles. Chris has been involved in the development and manufacturing of dental products for over 20 years. He began his career with Spartan USA where he made Piezo-Electric scalers. His next position was as a manufacturer and product developer for Young Dental. Following that, Chris was co-founder of Q3 Special Products, which was the developing company of the current... More
Balm Box LLC
The Balm Box specialty pillow products are specially designed to support patients recovering from upper torso surgeries and undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. Led by a 5-time cancer survivor, The Balm Box products aim to help and heal.
We established Bangeran in Orange County, CA in the recent years for providing all our consumers perfectly designed, engineered, and tested mobility products. All our products incorporate technological and innovative features and enable consumers to achieve the best outcome for life and mobility goals. Our organization ensures that every consumer should be able to have affordable option to stay independent. Our mission is to create solutions that will make the life of our consumers easier, thus we target providing best-in-class products that allow our consumers to live a better and easier life. Unlike any manual wheelchair, power wheelchairs are operated with a joystick. Users can easily navigate through tight spaces using only their fingertips. Power wheelchairs are also capable of operating on a variety of surfaces, offering exceptional maneuverability and allowing you to access more areas than you would with a manual wheelchair. You can turn in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and even tight spaces... More
Bargain Dental Supplies
We have been in dental supply business for over 20 years in California & provided generations of dentists with quality dental equipment & dental supplies.
Biomax Nutrition LLC
ABOUT NMN Nicotinamide mononucleotide(NMN) is a nucleotide derived from ribose and nicotinamide. Like nicotinamide riboside, NMN is a derivative of niacin, and humans have enzymes that can use NMN to generate Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) Because NMN activates SIRT1, then, it has the ability to mimic IPC, and thus is capable of protecting the heart from ischemia and reperfusion.
Brite Sources USA
We are the fastest and best service provider in all of US. We have 34 warehouses across different states with 40,000 products for medical supply! Brite Sources is the name of Reliability.
Brite start LLC
A great addition to KETO, PALEO, & Whole30 diets.  Brite Start  bone broths have some of the highest protein and collagen per serving on the market. Quality bone broth reduced and concentrated for on-the-go convenience.  A delicious hot nutritious drink. Just add 8 ounces of hot water & stir. Our bone broth concentrates are made from 18-hour slow simmered organic grass-fed beef, organic free-range chicken, organic vegetables, organic herbs & organic spices.  Humanely raised, ethically sourced No fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives. No antibiotics, no hormones, non-GMO.
Care Giver Supply
CGS, INC d/b/a PILLCRUSH.COM ANNOUNCES A SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT METHOD OF CRUSHING PILLS FOR PATIENTS AND THE SMALL AND LARGE ANIMAL MARKETS. ST. LOUIS, 06/21/10 – From Pills to Powder in no time – Care Giver Supply, Inc. (CGS, Inc.) d/b/a PILLCRUSH.COM has introduced The Crush Cup/Pill Splitter and The Mega Crush Cup. The Crush Cup/Pill Splitter services the needs of patients and the small animal market by providing the most convenient way of splitting and crushing medication tablets. The Mega Crush Cup was specifically designed for the large animal and equine markets. Crushing large format medication (multiple 1 gram tablets) is now convenient, quick and easy. Simply place the tablets between the cups and grind by grasping the Cups and rotating the top and bottom cups in opposite directions. After medication is crushed to a fine powder it can be administered in a variety of formats, i.e. liquid, paste, etc. The Cups are designed for use in pairs with a grinding area located between the cup surfaces.... More
DC Dental
DC Dental was established in 2002 as an independent dental supplier. We are dedicated to helping doctors operate efficiently by offering the best prices on dental supplies and equipment, in addition to providing office setup, design and practice management technology products.
Demetech corporation
DemeTECH Corporation is a world-renowned leader in surgical sutures, mesh and bone wax. DemeTECH strives to enhance doctor-patient relationships through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to the pursuance of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Our corporate headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, with office facilities stemming throughout North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. DemeTECH is an exceptional corporation, in that it uses next-generation technology to meet the growing demands of today's society. Our quality has been proven time and time again: high demand and use worldwide, distribution in over 100 countries worldwide, and certification of the three major medical authorities: FDA, CE, and ISO. Through its incredible commitment to efficiency, DemeTECH is able to provide sutures of paramount quality at a lower and more reasonable cost. Thus, with a prosperous future ahead, DemeTECH sees no boundaries to its success and wishes to include you in this... More
DFW Dental Supplies
DFW Dental Supplies, was established in 2009 when we recognized a need in Texas for quality, easy access and fast delivery dental Instrument and supplies with low cost.  Over the Past years, DFW Dental Supplies has grown into a better and more professional dental equipment and dental supplies business.  Thanks to our integrity and efficiency, we have acquired hundreds of trusting clients around Dallas Fort worth in texas and Toronto (GTA) Canada . DFW Dental Supplies offers a great selection of dental equipment as well as dental supplies, dental instruments, dental tools, and much more. We offer new dental equipment by leading manufacturers such as Woodpecker, Cranberry, SLK, and many more. Our people make DFW Dental Supplies a wise choice for all your dental equipment and dental supplies needs! We are a fast growing company where expanded our business to Canada as well.   We are Licenced Prescription Drug and Medical Device Distributor with State of Texas, Department of State Health Services formally... More
Dunlin Dental Supply
Our Mission and objectives are to provide excellent customer service, high-quality products and support that will enable our customers to better plan their purchases and improve their operations and service with the most competitive prices in the industry. Dunlin Dental Supply is located in in Moonachie, New Jersey offering wide range of popular branded items at affordable prices. In our continues effort to represent the best in dental supplies, we are determined to offer products that exemplify quality at the most competitive rates. We serve every dental professional from home-based clinic dentist to big corporate dental operations.
Elite Doc Medical
Nazmudin Keshwani, a Board Certified Family Practitioner of Indian ancestry who has been on the medical staff of Houston area hospitals which includes Memorial Herman. He finished his medical training and internship in Birmingham, England in the time between 1972-1979. He successfully established his first Med-Cure Clinic in 1982. Dr. Keshwani accomplished his three-year residency in Family Practice in Fort Wayne Indiana from 1979-1982. This type of medical specialty is complete training in health care including Pediatrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, and Preventive Care. Dr. Keshwani has achieved extensive experience in Family Medicine, work-related injuries, auto and home accidents along with minor emergency care skills along with advancements in anti-aging medicine. Dr. Keshwani is always dedicated to helping you meet all of your beauty and wellness goals. At Elite Doc Health And Beauty, We Want You To Know About Our Mission To Provide Top-Quality Care With... More
HH Medical Supply
Comprehensive and quality service is our goal as we provide state of the Art Technology in home medical equipment and devices. While building a relationship of genuine existence in the community especially in the healthcare marketplace  Our Services are founded on genuine respect and compassion, justice and commitment, round the clock stewardship and technical support, and dependability for quality products.