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Medentrx is the premier online resource for quality Impression Materials. We carry a wide selection of Impression Materials manufactured by leading brands in the industry at a very competitive price. Our goal is to exceed the quality expectations of our customers and deliver cost-effective Impression Materials to customers who need them, when they need them safely and expeditiously.

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Opti-Tray Green/Clear impression trays offer superior retention with their hard plastic frame. The posterior rimlock minimizes secondary flow as well as gagging, and the Key-way perforations and side wall slots ensure the material does not ooze over. A clear tray is optionable for added rigidity and superior visibility; otherwise, the trays are a distinctive teal color, These impression trays come in a wide variety of shapes for various parts of the mouth,such as Large Upper, Large Lower, Medium Upper, Medium Lower, Small Upper, SmallLower, U Left/L Right, U Right/L Left, and Lower Anterior, Highest retention, Patient-friendly, Easy apply and remove, 12/pack
Excellent Classic Disposable Impression Trays, Royal Blue, (12Pcs/Bag)
Disposable Large Perforated Upper Full-Arch Plastic Impression Tray, package of 12 trays. Color May Vary.
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Highly impact-resistant, light blue plastic impression trays. Rigid, distortion-free, and compatible with a wide variety of impression materials. Perforations are designed to enhance consistent flow and retention, Autoclavable impression trays are also available in the same shapes and sizes, items arenumbered from 430 ~ 440, respectively, Strong, rigid,distortion-free construction, Anatomically designed, Smooth edges for comfort, Excellent retention for impression materials, Latex-Free cups
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The iMix® Grip™ features a premium construction with Pac-Dent's unique Grip base that is 75% larger than traditional mixing tips; requiring less grip force for easier attachment and removal. The internal mixing elements and walls are smooth and have been tested for optimal bubble-free mixing and less extrusion force. All iMix® Grip™ mixers are 100% compatible with end-users of existing cartridges and do not infringe on any patents or trademarks, because they are designed and manufactured exclusively by Pac-Dent, Economical, Better grip for easier attachment and removal, Precise mixing and easy ergonomic dispensing, Manufactured with high-quality, non-toxic and chemical resistant materials
Full-Arch Perforated Blue Disposable Impression Tray, Made of a strong, rigid material to assist in generating consistent impressions. Distortion free, pre-shaped, readily trimmed or flame softened for adjustments. Non-slip grips. Package of 12 impression trays. No Label On Bag.
#1 Large-Upper, Blue (12Pcs/Box)
#X1 X-Large Upper, Clear, (12Pcs/Bag)
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Specturm Flowbowl Mixing Bowls, Medium, 350cc
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DEFEND Impression Trays are made of a strong, rigid material that aids in the generation of consistent, distortion-free impressions.  Compatible with a wide range of impression materials, DEFEND impression trays offer a system of holes and perforations to optimize flow and retention of materials.  The disposable, preshaped trays can be easily trimmed or flame softened to adjust for a custom fit.  Non-slip grips offer easy, clean removal.  12 trays per bag.
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Excellent Colors Disposable Impression Trays. Available in different size, (50Pcs/Bag)
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Excellent Lock Ortho Impression Trays. Available in different sizes, (50Pcs,Bag)
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Specturm Flowbowl Mixing Bowls, Large, 600cc
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Excellent-II Disposable Impression Trays, Baby Blue, (12Pcs/Bag)
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Mousse-like and Thixotropic, fluffy vinyl polysiloxane material. Used for bite registration, copying transfers, and primary impression with bite trays. Thixotropic material has an excellent durometer of over 80 and flows easily, yet will not run or sag. Our “Hard” Bite material #9010 can be used in conjunction with all “laser” CAD/CAM systems.
Excellent Dulock Disposable Impression Trays, Apple Green (12Pcs/Bag)
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Alginate Spatula, Soft, Available in White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Ruby Red, an Purple
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#1 Large-Upper, Light Blue (12Pcs/Box)
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Elements Bite Registration materials are formulated to have a light, mousse-like  consistency ideal for occlusal registration. The material is thixotropic and stays where placed. Elements Bite Registration materials offer variable setting times, sets rock hardand are easy to trim, Low resistance consistency allows natural movement of the jaw, Excellent hardness prevents distortion in disposable trays, Thixotropic formula stays in place and will not drip, run or sag,Excellent readability,Variable setting times
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Elements VPS impression material provides consistent, accurate and stable impressions.It features excellent tear strength and elongation for dimensional stability and precisereplications in any environment, Elements VPS material flows into narrow crevices under pressure and immediatelyovercomes residual moisture to produce crisp detail of the preparation margin. It alsoresists dripping from the tooth into the oral cavity, Elements provides wide selection of setting times and viscosities. Fresh Mint flavor isdesigned for patient comfort. Regular package consists of 2 cartridges (50ml) and 6mixing tips, No distortion under dimensional change or temporary deformation, Detailed and precise replications without voids or gaps, Hydrophilicity lasts throughout the total working time, Wide selection of setting times and viscosities
High performance (HP) cartridge, system available in regular and fast set. All viscosities are available. Excellent tear strength to maintain impression integrity upon removal, and precise impressions, no matter what technique you use. Exceeds ISO 4380 standard which will help eliminate remakes.
Highly impact-resistant, light blue plastic impression trays. Rigid, distortion-free, and compatible with a wide variety of impression materials. Perforations are designed to enhance consistent flow and retention. Strong, rigid,distortion-free construction, Anatomically designed, Smooth edges for comfort, Excellent retention for impression materials, 100% Latex-Free.
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Disposable Mixing Spatulas, Available in In White, Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Purple & A-Assorted, (12Pcs/Bag)
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Disposable Impression Trays. Perforated,12/Pk. No Label On Bag.
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Disposable, non-sterile syringes designed for surgical site and post-surgical home irrigation, and can also be used with silicone and rubber-based impression materials for intraoral delivery. Available in 12cc. Each package contains 50 syringes.
Gingi-Pak, the industry leader in soft tissue management, introduces AquaLoid Precision Reversible Hydrocolloid impression material. AquaLoid materials compliment the Gingi-Pak line of products to meet the needs of dentist who have been working with hydrocolloid for decades.
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Disposable Mixing Bowls, Available in In White, Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Purple & A-Assorted, (12Pcs/Bag)
Excellent-Colors Disposable Impression Trays in Assorted Pack (48Pcs/Bag)
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Dynamic Mixing Tips, Red, For 3M Penta 5:1 (50Pcs/Bag)
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Endodontical applications, core build-ups and precision impressions demand high standards of hygiene and accuracy. Colibri fulfills both of it. Mixers of the double syringe and cartridge systems have been selected in cooperation with dentists and combined with a needle made of medical stainless steal. It is not required anymore to attach an intraoral tip. Beside the existing advantages of the S- and L-System mixers, the Colibri offers a high level of flexibility and ductility but also a constant inner diameter. This allows not only a maximum material flow rate but also an easy accessibility even when working with in a restricted intraoral situation and when an ergonomic application is needed, High process safety, All parts can be steam sterilized in the autoclave, No risk of needle chipping off, Time saving
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MARK3 Bite Registration Material is mousse-like, fluffy, boasts exceptional accuracy and plaster like hardness. It is extremely dependable with no slump consistency. Used for conventional bite registration, copying transfers, digital impressions, primary impression with bite tray.
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The dispensing gun is used to extrude impression materials, and bite registration materials from cartridges. It consists of a release lever and a plunger, which are coordinated simultaneously, to load and remove the cartridge. The gun also consists of a trigger to dispense the material. Works with 1:1 and 2:1 cartridges.
Super Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Putty Material, contains 2x jars 300 ml each of base & catalyst (600ml total)
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High Performance Mixing Tips for all HP, style 50ml, impression material cartridges. Tips are color coded according to size.
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The patented static/dynamic mixer is designed to combine the advantages of static and dynamic mixing in order to reduce bubbles normally caused by dynamic fast mixing of impression materials, Designed for 3M’s Pentamix™ 2 and 3, No bleeding necessary, eliminating material waste, Reduce bubbles & save materials, Compatible with most dynamic mix cartridges
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Orange-colored SuperSyringe is unique among bonding materials. Although a gel, its high strength is equal to many regular tray materials. As a result, it eliminates the marginal tearing associated with other syringe materials.
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Vps Material Cartridges Connectors, Clear (5Pcs/Bag)
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SuperBody® reversible hydrocolloid in 2 formulations: SuperBody 500 is a deep blue, high-density material with outstanding contrast and enhanced readability and SuperBody 530 is the traditional green, heavy body formulation preferred by many practitioners.
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Nylon Spatula, Firm, Neutral
Impression Trays Disposable Perforated, Blue Plastic Trays. Consistent Impressions, Distortion Free, Excellent Retention. No Label On Bag.
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