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Future Call FC-0215 Jumbo Talking Caller ID - Big LCD Display - Speaks Number - Speaks Custom Message - Spam Call Blocker, Uses Normal Home Landline and Internet (VOIP lines such as Comcast, Vonage, Magicjack).
What is a Medical Alert with "Daily Check-Up" or "Social Safety Monitor", This unit has 2 customizable daily alerts that can optionally play an alert tone 2 times a day, If the user acknowledges that they are OK by pressing a button, the system knows they are OK.
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Through the use of Bluetooth technology you can use your cell phone service plan from the comfort and convenience of your home phones, No monthly or Annual Fee and No New Number is necessary. All calls are placed using your cell phone's plan, Pair and function with up to two different cell phones, The Bluetooth Adapter uses active noise-canceling technology to improve voice clarity and eliminate unwanted noise from your cell phone calls. Energy certified. Portable design.
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This phone is unique because it is always listening. Other voice activated systems require the user to press a button to activate the listening function. This system is always listening and ready.
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