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Medentrx is the premier online resource for quality Dental Sterilization Tape. We carry a wide selection of Dental Sterilization Tape manufactured by leading brands in the industry at a very competitive price. Our goal is to exceed the quality expectations of our customers and deliver cost-effective Dental Sterilization Tape to customers who need them, when they need them safely and expeditiously.

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Autoclave CSR Wraps 12"x 12", Blue (500pcs/case)
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This tape is for use in autoclave or chemical sterilizers, and will seal autoclave bags, tubing, pouches and CSR wraps. The tape will indicate when sterile conditions have been attained ,(275°F / 135°C). Extra tacky tape to fix on all types of paper and plastic.
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maxill's adhesive Autoclave Tape has diagonal stripes that will darken after it is exposed to temperatures commonly used in sterilization processes. Our autoclave tape helps make sure that your package stays secure during sanitation. Multiple sizes are available at affordable prices.
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STERILIZATION INDICATOR TAPE (STEAM PROCESS)- 60 Yards. Printed indicator strips on tape change color when exposed to the steam sterilization process. Specially formulated adhesive adheres to and seals all types of wraps, tubing, pouches, etc. – without the worry of it sliding or “popping off.”
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