Dental Evacuation

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Disposable traps designed to replace the present trap filter in an evacuation unit, effectively reducing infection and cross-contamination. Each package contains 144 filters.
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AdaptaPal® is an ergonomic flexible adapter for saliva ejector and suction tips. Helps reduce strain on shoulders, neck, elbow, arm and wrist
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Pressure Water Bottle, 2 Liter, (3½"Dia. X 14½"H)
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Euvac Oral Evacuator Child, Length: 4 ½" Diameter: 7/16", Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Gray, Purple, Orange, Assorted, Autoclavable To 275°F, (12/Bag)
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A disposable canister, lid, mesh filter and gasket designed to replace the present canister and filter in your central vacuum pump. Each kit is complete with waste cansiter and lid, filter bowl, filter screen, replacement rubber gasket and hazardous warning sticker, Filters for central vacuum pump. Instead of throwing away the whole Evacu-N-Trap, replace only the mesh filters and save. Available in 3 models. Each packages contains 6 filters.
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Fit all standard saliva ejector hose ends, Pliable, holds their shape, and the tip minimizes tissue impingement, Latex free.
Services one AA-37LA valve. Includes 2 autoclavable and 1 non-autoclavable O-rings.
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Hi-Vac Multi Colors Oral Evacuator, Assorted 5 Neon Colors, (100Pcs/Bag)
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The KleanTip Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips is the most cost effective way to eliminate cross-contamination caused by metal air/water syringe tip. KleanTip features a central water channel surrounded by six individual air channels, which guarantees instant switch between air and water while eliminating moisture contamination, and achieves optimal bonding performance.
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Saliva Ejector Traps, One Size Fits All (72Pcs/Bag)
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Made with smooth edges, for maximum patient comfort. The surgical aspirator, is molded at a 30 degree angle and fits 11mm suction holders, This item is also autoclavable up to 135° C, or may be disposed, after single use, Available in 1/16″, 1/8″ or 1/4″ diameters.
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Snap-On Se Tip, Silicone, Available in Begie, Black, & Gray, Autoclavable To 275°F
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Tipped, Hve Luer Adapter, (25Pcs/Bag), Pink Color: 18 Gauge, Yellow Color: 20 Gauge, Blue Color: 25 Gauge
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Saliva Ejector Silicone Tips Autoclavable
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A/W Syringe Mount Holder, 5/8 Dia. Open, Available in Beige, Black and Sterling
Sleek body design provides better ergonomics and balance Smooth-action metal lever for easier control Constructed with stainless steel
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Clean Flex Air/Water Syringe Tubing. Clean Flex Tubing for Air/Water Syringes
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Used in conjunction with the Saliva Ejector, Prevents tissue grabbing and tissue irritation, single-use only for time efficiency, Increases patient comfort, Quiets the noise of suction, Dimensions 1" x 5/8", Single Use Only.
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Dispos-A-Screen Trap Blue (25pk), Contains Antimicrobial Protection, Dimensions 2-1/8" dia.
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Clean Flex Saliva Ejector Tubing. Clean Flex Tubing for S.E. Handpieces
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Untipped, Hve Luer Adapter, Clear (25Pcs/Bag)
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Dispos-A-Screen Trap Yellow (25pk), Contains Antimicrobial Protection, Dimensions 2-1/4" dia.
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Clear 3 Way Syringe Tips, Sani-Tip® Comparable (250Pcs/Bag)
360 degree swivel quick disconnect Fits all sizes of saliva tubing Easily disassembled for service and cleaning Autoclavable Stainless steel
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Stainless steel H.V.E. tip Seamless/easy cleaning Vented or non-vented (no positive suck down of soft tissue) Non-glare Autoclavable
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Aspirator tips with small, standard or large opening, color-coded according to size. Fits 11 mm suction holders. Autoclavable up to 135°C. Each package contains 25 tips.
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Se Valve Mount Holder, 5/8Dia. Open, Available in Beige, Black and Sterling
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Disposable Traps (Clear Color) (144Pcs/Box), Fits A-Dec 500 (Diameter 2 ¾")
Sleek body design provides better ergonomics and balance Smooth-action metal lever for easier control Constructed with stainless steel
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Clean Flex H.V.E. Handpiece Tubing Clean Flex Tubing for H.V.E. Handpieces
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Foam Wrap-Around Aspirator Tip Protectors Increase patient comfort. Single Use No Cross Contamination.
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Disposable air/water syringe tips with plastic exterior and metal interior, They are interchangeable with most metal tips, no conversion necessary, A groove in the tip ensures a snug locking fit so that the tip stays in place throughout the procedure, Colored plastic with stainless steel core, Interchangeable with most tips with no conversion, Designed for snug locking fit, Rounded edge improves patient comfort
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Dispos-A-Screen Trap Coral (25pk), Contains Antimicrobial Protection, Dimensions 2-5/8" dia.
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Hve Replacement Lever, Available in Beige and Black
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Locked End Saliva Ejectors, Clear With Bluetip (100Pcs/Bag)
Sleek body design provides better ergonomics and balance Smooth-action metal lever for easier control Constructed with 100% stainless steel
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1 Rotary Plastic HVE Valve, 1 6' Lightweight tubing, Mr. Thirsty® NOT included, Not made with natural rubber latex.
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Sofvent Oral Evacuator Vented Tip, White, Short 3½" (100Pcs)
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Cleaning Brush for Aspirator tip, Avialable in dfifferent sizes: X-Small Cleaning Brush, (3/32"Diameter X 11"Long), Small Cleaning Brush, (?"Diameter X 12"Long), Medium Cleaning Brush, (¼"Diameter X 12"Long), Large Cleaning Brush, (½"Diameter X 12"Long), X-Large Cleaning Brush, (¾"Diameter X 8"Long),Se-Cleaning Brush, (¾"Diameter X 6 1/2"Long)
Disposable tip reduces the potential for cross-contamination via air/water syringe, Delivers precise separation of air and water for consistent dry air, and is ideal for sealant applications and restorative procedures, CLEAR disposable tip, Consistent dry air, Smooth exterior and polished ends, Rigid and provides secure retraction, Latex free , 250 per bag
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