Dental Disposable

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Medical grade silicon with non-slip design, fully autoclavable up to 275ºF, 100% Latex-Free
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Silicone Specturm Bib Clips, Autoclavable, Available in White, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Tangerine
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$950 $580
Will not snag hair Nickel plated holding clips Autoclavable 14″ length
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2"X 2" Sponge Dispenser, Avialable In White, Blue, Beige, & Mauve Only
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Floss Dispenser, Beige Color
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$9500 $8740
Acrylic Pouches Dispenser Multi-Sized
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Disposable foam tip mini oral applicator Highly absorbent and chemically resistant Length: 3 inches (7 cm)
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Will not snag hair Nickel plated holding clips Autoclavable 14″ length.
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5oz. PLASTIC CUPS (1000pcs/case) Colors: 1-White, 2-Blue, 3-Yellow, 4-Green, 10-Mauve, 10L-Lavender
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$2010 $1210
Made of soft silk like fiber for patient comfort Minimizes cross contamination
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$2740 $2460
Made of durable construction, these Paper Tray Covers provide low absorbency and fit trays comfortably,DEFEND Paper Tray Covers feature rounded corners, and are available in a variety of colors to match any dental office,  These colors include white, blue, mauve, green and lavender,  DEFEND Paper Tray Covers come in a “B” Size (8½” x 12¼”) (21.6 cm x 31.1 cm)
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$1100 $980
Non-sterile, made from all wood dowels with very tight 100% cotton bud to minimize linting and prevent shredding, Comes sealed in autoclavable bag with indicator and are available in either 3″ or 6″ sizes
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$3500 $3150
DEFEND disposable drinking cups have a special embossed grip that provides greater strength and makes dispensing easier, These recyclable cups have a lustrous, high-gloss finish and are available in five designer colors, Recyclable
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Round Style Cotton Roll Holder, Avialable In White, Blue, Yellow, and Beige
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3" Cotton Tip Applicators (1000pcs/box)
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$2400 $2160
Used in conjunction with the Saliva Ejector, Prevents tissue grabbing and tissue irritation, single-use only for time efficiency, Increases patient comfort, Quiets the noise of suction, Dimensions 1" x 5/8", Single Use Only.
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$2140 $1920
These quality cotton rolls are made from 100% cotton, are non-linting, non-sterile, soft texture, pliable and 20% more absorbent than the leading brand, The virgin cotton holds together better, maintains its shape when wet and will not adhere to mucous membranes, #2, medium 1.5″ x .375″ (3/8″)
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$3290 $2960
The unique technique used to bond the layers of tissue and poly securely together eliminates separation of the layers and the reinforced edges provide added strength and durability, 2-ply tissue and 1-ply poly for absorption and patient protection, 13″ x 18″
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$3300 $2970
Dispenser for medium pellets (sizes 0, 1 & 2), Spring loaded: pushes pellets to the surface, Surface Disinfect Only, White Only.
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$1739 $1600
Pull Style Cotton Roll Dispenser, Avialable In White, Blue, Purple, and Beige
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$1810 $1660
Helps to maximize work efficiency and procedure effectiveness by keeping the parotid gland in check for over 15 minutes, Absorbs up to 30 times its own weight in saliva or moisture while providing outstanding cheek protection, It features softer edges that maximize patient comfort and flexible material to accommodate cheek movements, Super absorbent: holds 30 X its weight in saliva, Removes easily with water after procedure, Soft edging and overall flexibility enhance user comfort.
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$1739 $1600
Push Style Cotton Roll Dispenser, Avialable In White, Blue, Purple, and Beige
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$2400 $2210
Acrylic C-Fold Towel Holder
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$428 $400
Waxed Nylon Floss Dispenser, Unflavored (200 Yards/Roll)
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$4260 $3830
A great alternative to cotton filled sponges, these are made from a 4-ply, 32 gram rayon/polyester blend which provides for maximum absorbency and little adhesion to wounds, These are soft, smooth, strong, non-linting and non-sterile, Available in 2″ x 2″, 3″ x 3″ and 4″ x 4″
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$3424 $3160
Glove Dispenser-Bluk Load, Available In White and Begie, Wall Mount Or Desk Top
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Holds 1.5" cotton rolls, Dispenses up to 3 rolls at a time, Heavy duty no-skid base, Extra sturdy construction, Dimensions 4-3/16" x 2-1/16" x 4", Surface Disinfect Only.
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Acrylic Organization Station
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Cup Dispenser, Wall Mount, For 5 Oz. Cups, In White and Beige
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Micro Applicator Dispenser, Avialable In White and Blue
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$3317 $3060
Tissue Poly Headrest Cover, Large, 10" x 13" (500pcs/box) Colors: 1-White, 2-Blue, 4-Green, 6-Rose, and 10-Lavender
Acrylic Overglove Box Holder
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$1391 $1280
Cotton Roll Holders, Disposable, Blue (100Pcs/Bag)
Slide Dental Floss Dispenser, Unflavored (200 Yards/Roll)
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$3155 $2840
Perfect for Dispensing Etchants, Sealants, Primers & Bonding Agents. Base & Gold Down Top Prevent Light Polymerization of Chemical Agents Kit is Designed to Hold up to (3) Brushes.
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$2500 $2300
Color Code Ring Dispenser
Acrylic Overglove Box Holder
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Plastic Tray Cover Size A W/Lock Top, 11?" x 14½" (500pcs/box)
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These Headrest Covers are designed to fit over the top of headrests, They are made of clear plastic and are easy to apply and dispose of
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Euro Cotton Roll Dispenser, Avialable In Transparent Blue and Gray
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