Bite Blocks and Rims

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Bite Wafers are U-shaped, soft bite registration wax slips; designed for fast, precise impressions, Single Layered Bite Wafers, No foil: single layer; adapts to dental arch; provides quick, precise bite-checks, Packaged 50 units per box.
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Double-layered laminated wax bite wafers. Aluminum foil laminated between the two layers stabilizes the wafer to lessen distortion and prevent bite through.
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A U-shaped piece of specially designed natural organic wax used in the fabrication of dentures. Used for setting teeth into when taking impressions, Easy to form and carve, Polishes to high shine, Teeth don’t shift due to shrinkage, Pre-formed, Boils out cleanly, Natural tissue color.
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Chrome cobalt (Cr-Co) wax is a specially formulated wax used to cast partial denture frameworks which are made from chrome-cobalt alloys.
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