This thick soft, padded toilet seat riser attaches to toilet seat via hook and loop straps. Comfortable foam padding minimizes pressure points while making it easier to rise and sit down on toilets. Easy to clean tear-resistant vinyl makes it perfect for any bathroom.
This Crown Medical foam donut cushion provides comfort and support when sitting for an extended period of time; Reduces pressure on back and tailbone; ring-shape comfortably conforms to body contours; Ideal after childbirth
Rear Cutout Relieves Pressure on Coccyx Area, Provides Stability and Comfort Made of Dense, Heavyweight Foam
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Foam Slant is designed to provide comfort and relaxation for individuals suffering from respiratory problems, leg, ankle or foot discomfort. Can also be used to support your back while sitting upright in the bed. Comes with a removable zippered cover / machine washable. 24" x 24" x 4" to 1/2"
Exclusive Essential Medical Supply design can be used as a standard comfort cushion, donut cushion or coccyx cushion - Diversity of the cushion allows you to buy one that will meet every need rather than 3 expensive cushions
This plush filled hypo-allergenic, high-lofted polyester fiber filled pillow maintains proper neck posture and aligns the vertebrae restoring a stress-free, normal neck contour. The pillow is covered with a zippered white on white print poly/cotton cover.
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This Carex red rubber inflatable donut cushion is 15" in diameter and 3" in height. Add comfort to your seat with our inflatable rubber ring seat cushion. The ergonomic donut cushion conforms to the natural contours of the body for comfort while sitting.
Includes molded, 6 lb. density memory foam that gives outstanding support and comfort The rear cutout is designed to relieve pressure on coccyx area from seat Latex free cushion is encased in a washable black zippered cover.
Our versatile bed wedge can be used as a back support wedge or a leg elevator wedge. The bed wedge reduces neck and back strain while increasing circulation. Great for reading or watching television. It is constructed with a high density polyurethane foam core, and is covered with a poly/cotton cover.
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When legs are elevated, this wedge flattens the spine to help relax and ease back pain. Increased circulation and reduced pressure on discs are an excellent therapy for low back pain. It is constructed using a high density polyurethane foam, and is covered with a poly/cotton cover.
High quality memory foam that is designed to give the end user the "personal fit" of memory foam Features a 6lb. density, the same as the market leader. Contains pure visco elastic foam that is encased in a washable luxurious blue zippered velveteen cover.
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This wedge reduces stress on the spine, by taking pressure off the legs and back. The inner core is a high density polyurethane foam and is covered in a white poly/cotton
Essential Medical Folding Foam Bed Wedge is a new folding bed wedge designed for easy travel and storage while still offering the benefit of relief from respiratory, acid reflux and back or neck problems. Folding bed wedges provide the user the choice of slope depending on their need. It can also be used for reading and eating in bed.
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Helps relieve acid reflux, snoring, sleep apnea and indigestion. This wedge gives you 5" of height. 100% polyurethane foam with removable quilted polycotton cover 32" x 26" x 5.5" to 1/2".
Universal all-gel cushion designed to redistribute pressure with dual-layer structure Micro-Immersion technology helps cradle boney areas while reducing heat and moisture with cooling gel and open-cell design
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Provides firm body support that prevents patients from rolling out of bed. It helps to maintain a patient’s position while reducing pressure in sensitive areas. Excellent aid for patients who lay on their sides.
Rose Healthcare Quilted Bed Wedge is perfect for head, foot or leg elevation. It has a white zippered washable cover.
Comfortable seat for individuals sitting in chairs, riding in cars, scooters, etc. Cut out provides added user comfort and tailbone relief
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