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MicroEtcher II Sandblaster Kit: 1 MicroEtcher II, 1 (60 degree) rounded 0.048" nozzle, 9ft air line, 1 O-ring kit, 2 abrasive jars and instructions. Etching all metals, composites and amalgam for maximum bond strength. Aid ing in intraoral porcelain repair. Prepping for pit & fissure restoration.
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MicroEtcher ERC Sandblaster, Includes: MicroEtcher ERC handpiece, .048" nozzle assembly, 9ft long airline, 2 abrasive jars & O-ring kit. Etching all metals, composites & amalgam for maximum bond strength, removing temporary cements. Designed for laboratory use. The nozzle may be rotated 180° in either direction but is not removable. 
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With an exhaustion system, the Biochamber was exclusively designed for work done with the Microblaster, and assures more cleanness, providing efficiency, safety and functionality during the blasting process.
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